4 Reasons Why Your Home Doesn’t Quite Feel Clean

You work hard, and you work tirelessly to keep your home clean and tidy. At the same time, you also work hard to fine tune the nuances of your decor so that your home is always cosy and welcoming so that it’s clean and tidy without ever feeling sterile and clinical. However, despite your diligence and vigilance, you never quite feel as though your home is clean enough. Just as soon as you’re confident that you’ve blitzed a room, little flaws and imperfections start screaming for your attention. The moment you settle down to enjoy your newly beautified home, there’s a faint smell of something unpleasant on the breeze that reminds you that you’ve missed something.

Whether you’re thinking of giving your home a new lease of life for the summer or just want to ensure that your home is at its best all year round, here we’ll look at some of the reasons why your home may not feel quite as clean as it could. Addressing these could provide the missing piece of the puzzle and ensure that you and your family enjoy a spotless home all year round.

There’s a funky smell coming from… somewhere

We humans are visual creatures. We tend to focus on what we can see. But no matter how diligently you banish dust, or how proactive you are when wiping out stains, you’ll never quite feel as though your home is clean unless you rely on your other senses. Likewise, it can be impossible to relax in a home that looks pristine yet has a funky odour emanating from… somewhere. The important thing is not to try and mask odours with aerosol based scent sprays. These actually contain a number of harmful chemicals which reduce the quality of the air in your home rather than improving it. 

The only sustainable way to ensure that your home smells as good as it looks is to identify the source of pongs and take appropriate action. Common culprits include;

  • The kitchen sink. When we get into the habit of shoving little bits of food waste down the sink they can accumulate in the u-bend and start to decompose filling the kitchen with funky odours. And when fat from cooked foods hardens in your pipes, it can be hard to shift. Visit localplumber-uk.com to get a trained professional to clear your pipes of food waste.
  • Your plug sockets. Noticing a strange fishy smell in the home even when you haven’t eaten fish in a while? It could be the smell of something overheating in our plug sockets. Check them for signs of yellowing, cracks or a fishy smell that may indicate that your wiring needs to be investigated. 
  • Your cat litter. Is the cat’s litter tray smelling yucky despite the fact that it was only emptied the other day? Use litter tray liners rather than placing litter on the surface of the tray. This can prevent noxious smells from permeating the plastic. You should also keep a bowl of activated charcoal close to the litter tray to purify the air around it. 

Your bin. If your bin smells when it’s been recently emptied, it may be because water-borne food waste has made its way to the bottom. You may need to take it outside and spray it clean with a garden hose. Add a few drops of essential oils and a sprinkling of baking soda, leave for an hour, and wash again. Your bin will start to smell good as new.

Your family are still wearing their shoes inside

Not all families are comfortable implementing a “no shoes in the house” rule. But the truth is that we can track all kinds of nasty stuff through the home when we leave our shoes on. Throughout the day, our shoes can pick up all kinds of nasty stuff including dist, dirt, animal dander and even tiny squashed bugs. These can be trodden into the carpet and ground deep into the fibres as your family come and go through the home. Unfortunately, no amount of hoovering will get rid of the discolouration and smells that this can cause. You need to ensure that your family take off their shoes when they come into the house, and invest in getting your carpets cleaned at least once a year.

You own too much stuff

It’s perhaps a sad testament to our consumer capitalist society that so many of us spend our free time by packing ourselves into shopping centres strolling idly round looking for things we don’t need. While shopping for new things can provide a giddy thrill, that thrill is inevitably fleeting. And over time our prized possessions become just so much clutter. 

Clutter can be troublesome for a number of reasons. It is visually distraction and can prevent you from being able to relax. Furthermore, it takes up space on your shelves, windowsills and floorspace leaving you with the choice of whether to move it and clean under it or clean around it. And when we opt for the latter, it’s easy for dust and other nasties to accumulate in the gaps between belongings. 
Sometimes, it’s impossible to keep your home truly clean and tidy without taking a Marie Kondo-esque approach to clutter. If it’s ceased to bring you joy, it may be time to either sell it on eBay or donate it to charity.

Your windows are streaky

Sometimes the little things can make a huge difference in your home. And if your windows aren’t truly sparkling clear, this can have a knock-on effect on your home’s entire appearance. Streaky windows can full and refract the natural light coming into your home, making your decor look dull and your day seem dismal. There are a number of reasons why your windows may be streaky, from the kind of window cleaning product you use to when you clean your windows. For instance, if you clean your windows on a hot, cloudless day, the solution can dry on your windows much faster, leading to inevitable streaks. 

Clean your windows on a cool, cloudy yet dry day using a combination of  50% spirit vinegar, 50% tap water and a pinch of lemon juice.

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