4 Simple Steps To Improve Your Garden

While more and more families prefer to live in a house with a garden rather than a flat, most households are unsure how to make the most of their garden. It’s not uncommon for the average British family to rely on fake grass or gravel paths in order to effortlessly tame the yard.

In reality, while maintaining your garden is a time-demanding investment, it is also worth your effort. A tidy and welcoming garden immediately boosts the value of your home and improves your mood. As a result, we’ve already shared a few tips on the blog on how to improve your outdoors. As a brief reminder, the first and most crucial garden rule is to trim your bushes and trees and pick up debris and leaves. The addition of a pathway will also promote a clean display. A water feature brings not only a touch of zen but also adds personality to your space. And finally, fences will protect your privacy. But there’s more you can do for your garden:

Add a rainwater tank

You might not be thinking about your water consumption, but maintaining your lush lawn uses a lot of water throughout the year. The addition of a Clark Tanks for rainwater allows you to collect and store water. You don’t need to compromise between water consumption and keeping your plants alive.

You need a compost bin

Every soil needs nutrition. However, you’ll find that pre-packed compost and fertiliser may not have the desired effect. Besides, bags of fertilisers are always a pain to transport. What if you could instead make your own compost at home? You can build a compost bin using wooden pallets and wired grids to keep it tidy. If you’ve never used a compost bin before, you can use it to dispose of all your organic wastes, from vegetable peels to eggshells. Additionally, loose leaves and twigs can also be added to the pile.

Add wildlife-friendly plants

Your garden can become a haven for wildlife. You can help animals and bugs to feel safe and protected in your yard by choosing plants they can use for food and shelter. Hawthorns are fantastic for birds, as they provide both protection and plenty of nutrition. Sunflowers are perfect as they give both pollen for bees and seeds in the later seasons for birds. Besides, they bring a touch of colour to your garden. You can also match them with lavender bushes, which are a bee’s favourite in summer!

Every garden needs a bench

Last but not least, your garden is an extension of your house. Making it a welcoming place for wildlife is a lovely idea, but you also need to create a spot for yourself in your yard. As simplistic as it might sound, an elegant bench – or even a homemade bench using upcycled material – is the best thing you can do to transform your garden. It gives you a place of communion with nature, and it ensures your garden is fully integrated into the household life. 

Your garden is a link between you and Mother Nature. Creating a space that respects wildlife and natural resources but also lets you be part of it is your ultimate objective as a gardener.

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