4 Simple Ways To Make Your Home More Personal

A house is never truly a home unless it has some personal touches within it. Happily, there are a range of strategies you can use, both overt and subtle, to personalise your home. Just read on to find out what they are.

A cohesive color scheme

One of the more subtle ways to personalise your home is to use a cohesive colour scheme throughout the entire property. Of course, I’m not talking about rocking bright yellow on every wall. Unless that is what you are into that is!

Instead, pick a colour that you love and then use different shades and tones as a consistent theme running through every room. You absolutely don’t have to make it obvious either as you can use said colour on the walls, in ornaments, or in soft furnishings to create this look. Just imagine how much more personal your home will feel once you have done this, and how much joy you will get from spending time there!

Meaningful images

Next, if you want your home to reflect your personality, you need to display meaningful images on the walls. What this means is not only pictures that you like, but that also have some more profound significance in your life.

A straightforward way of doing this is to frame and hang pictures of loved ones, significant events, and family holidays on the walls. However, not everyone enjoys peppering their home with photos. Happily, there is another option, as well. It is to choose an artwork of a place you love and hang that on the wall. 
The good things about this latter option is that if you click here, you will see how easy it is to find such a piece of art. You can even pick up pieces that are already framed too, meaning it couldn’t be easier to add that personal touch to your home.

Names, surnames & initials

Another accessible and fun way of personalizing your home is to take the initials of family members and use those in decorative pieces.

One example of this that can work parity well is when parents use the initial of a child’s first name as a decoration. You can even see some examples of this where people have found cardboard letters and then stuffed them with flowers or toys to create a fun and personalised look. Something that goes wonderfully in a child’s room. 

You can also make use of initials and letters in a more adult fashion as well. With painted or varnished wooden characters being available alongside carnival-style letters which can make an excellent personalised feature in the home.

Little luxuries

Finally, to have a truly personalised home, you must have the things around you that make you the most comfortable. That means little luxuries such as your favourite coffee mug or pair of slippers. 
Also, with scent being one of the strongest aide-memoires, there is it is an excellent idea to use it in the personalisation of your home. In fact, choosing fragrance in the form of a candle or some reed diffuser can be another very effective way to add a pleasant personal touch to your home.

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