5 Fun Summer Updates For Your Home

Summer is well and truly here, ish, but it’s not too late to give your home some seriously fun summer updates. To ‘summerfy’ your home and enjoy yourself too, check out these five summer renovation ideas.

1 . A hot tub or pool

What could be more fun than adding a hot tub or pool to your garden? Buying a free standing pool means no messy installations, you simply make the purchase and you’re good to go! A pool or hot tub in your garden will give your home a touch of luxury, and a brand new place to spend hours of leisure time. The lockdown has left us all stuck at home, and due to the lovely weather, hot tub sales have soared!

2. A home bar

A home bar is just about the most luxurious feature you can add to your house. Not only do home bars look super stylish, but they provide an elegant place to host suave summer gatherings. Investing in a home bar isn’t just for fun, you’ll also be gaining an asset that will add value to your home. Pubs and bars may still be closed for now, but with a trendy at- home option, this needn’t be a problem! For home bars for sale, check out Luxury Home Bars, or if you prefer something less lavish, try adding a bar cart to your space!

3. A garden office

Working from home seems to be the new normal, and it’s not much fun if you don’t have the right space. Attempting to work from your living room comes with a range of distractions, whether it’s the kids, the cat, or the TV! Garden offices closely resemble summer houses except they are purpose built as an office space. With a garden office you’ll have the perfect place to work without interruptions. According to Leaders, ‘Studies have shown that adding a summerhouse or garden building to your property can add up to 5% of value.’

4. New garden furniture

Now that we’re all spending more time outside, it’s well worth getting some lovely new garden furniture. In 2020, big garden sofas are trending along with swing seats and hammocks. To keep up with the trends, choose garden furniture that closely resembles indoor furniture. Lazy Susan’s Furniture says, ‘Gone are the days of some boxy poly-rattan set with thin cushions. The style and quality is improving year on year, and they’re becoming even more like their indoor relations.’ When you’re choosing furniture for your garden, it’s nice to keep to the same colour schemes as inside your house.

5. Colourful paint schemes

Bring on the DIY jobs to ward off the lockdown boredom, why not give your rooms a fresh lick of paint? Bright colours are perfect for the summer time, this year we’re seeing many shades of orange and yellow on the interior design scene. A little brightness is exactly what you need to transform your home in the summertime. Remember, when you paint your house it’s wise to try eco-friendly paint, made with non-toxic plant based ingredients.

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