A fresh update

Hey hey everyone!

It’s mid february and it still weirdly feels like January!

I am still in new year mode and still sat here wondering when my ‘resolutions’ will begin, I mean I have been that guy and signed up to the local leisure centre, and yes I WILL GO!

Anyway, I wanted to do a little post about a few changes, nothing major but mostly to let you all know about the refresh here on the blog.

Some of you may already be aware from my Instagram that I recently got more into crafting, I made most of my Christmas decorations and I make literally every birthday card now, I never need to buy one again.

The reason being, I bought myself an amazing machine called the Cricut Maker, those of you here in the U.K. may never have heard of the brand Cricut, that’s because they’re american and over here their products are mostly sold in Hobbycraft or online on Amazon, although John Lewis recently got in on the action and they now have a huge section in their oxford street store.

I could go on and on about this machine, but that is for a new blog post if I am honest, but let me say it has changed my life and has allowed me to make things I would never dream of making and being able to cut materials I never would attempt.

It’s truly revolutionary and this is why my love for crafting has got even bigger, so big in fact that my focus this year and for my blog is to be more of a Craft Space, rather than just Interior posts, I want to be posting more of my makes, my DIY’s, my tips and advice for other crafters/wannabe crafters out there!

Here is a little mindmap of how I got to my new logo and colours, so going forward and on my social media, I will be hopefully using the shapes and colours to keep everything cohesive, something I’ve not really been doing (or I am just not good at).

I got to a point where I wanted my blog to reflect my craft and fun side and not be too serious, which most of my blog posts are.

I am learning, I am adapting and this website will change as I constantly love to tinker to the look I want, but the main thing here is the colours and logo will be consistent throughout.

I’d love to know what you think!

Paul 🙂

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