A Quick Guide To Creating A More Show Stopping Home

Creating a show stopping home isn’t really something that happens by accident. You want your home to be a reflection of you, somewhere you can come back to at the end of a long day and feel relaxed and happy. You want it to be somewhere you can make incredible memories with your friends and family. So, how can achieve this in your own home? Read on for some advice below:

Come Up With Ideas For Decor That You Love

Ignore trends, and don’t feel the need to keep up with ‘what’s in’. Trends come and go really quickly; it’s your own tastes that will last the test of time! Come up with ideas for decor that you really love. Are there colours, patterns, and styles you’ve always liked? Create vision boards or boards online to help you get a feel for what you’re going to try to achieve.

Only Include Things That Are Either Beautiful Or Useful

When it comes to spending money on something and bringing it into your home, make this your rule. If it’s not beautiful or useful, don’t buy it! Anything you bring into your home should be stunning and something that adds to the decor, something you will get use out of, or both. This will stop your home from getting too cluttered.

Spend Money On Things That Will Make Home More Joyful

When it comes to buying things for the home, make sure you put your money towards things that will make spending time there much more joyful. For example, a barbecue to enjoy with friends and family, or a high quality TV and sound system to enjoy amazing movie nights!

Work On Getting Rid of Your Clutter

Most homes have clutter to a degree, so prepare to get rid of yours. A little clutter isn’t always a bad thing, but you want to avoid having lots of small or useless items taking up space. Even having lots of small decor items can create visual clutter that will ultimately ruin the look of your home. Grab a friend to help you if you know you’ll struggle with this. Try to keep things minimal, and only keep certain items if they really bring you joy. If you can’t bear to part with something just yet, you can look at personal self storage options and see if that may be suitable.

Add Plants And Flowers

Plants and flowers not only make your home more beautiful; they make it healthier, too! Science has proven that we feel happier just by looking at these things, and that they purify the air. Enough said – get some in your home pronto!

Don’t Neglect Artwork

Artwork should be in every home, whether it’s something you’ve created yourself or something you bought at a vintage market.

Personalise Your Space

Put up pictures of your loved ones, and show off kooky souvenirs from a family holiday. Make your space more personal!

Get Crafty

Could you repurpose an old item, or reupholster an old chair? There are tutorials online that could help you!

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