Who is Design & Beyond?

It’s run by me, Paul Harrison

Design & Beyond started in 2015 whilst I was studying at University and I had to create an online space to showcase my at-the-time University portfolio..

Over the years it has changed, from a Portfolio, Blog and now a Shop.

You'll find me on

Est. 2015



University was over, I got my first “proper Interior Job” at West elm in London, I was a Home Stylist, giving customers advice and inspiration to update their space.

A year later, I was approached by a company to help them Style professional and high end properties in some of the most exclusive postcode areas in London, this was a huge learning curve into the world of Styling.

After 6 months I then decided to move on and I worked for a similar type of company and I did furniture installs and assisted in styling properties.

Fast forward to 2018 and I find myself struggling to get into the world of interiors, chasing the “interior dream” was becoming a bit of a distant vision but also gave me scope to focus on other areas.

I then ended up working for Freddies Flowers, from Customer Advisor through to becoming a Logistics Manager… working for them was an amazing insight into how a start-up business is run, managed and progressed. During my time there I learnt so much and things I learnt there I will have forever and will help me in my own small business journey.


It’s August, as like many months I sit and always ponder that one day my dream would be to have my own small business, whether it is a small side business whilst working full time or to become a full time small business.

The latter being the vision here, and this brings me to where I am now, currently focusing on my own small business.

Over the past 4 months I have been learning and researching various materials to make my home accessories, with trial and error of course but I am now at a stage to say I am proud of the products I made and the ranges I have created.

This is a huge passion of mine and I want that passion to reflect in my products and outlook.

Join me on this Journey to see the Universe give me the positivity in my day to day life and guide me to success.


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