Adding a POP of colour to your space!

(This post is sponsored by Yellowpop)

Over the past few months, whilst I was unemployed I spent a lot of time dwelling over my space, whilst I may live in rented accommodation I still treat and design my home as if it was my own anyway. (I am also lucky to have a super chill Landlord) and I had a vision to create my own neon light….. BUT there was a slight issue…. or a few….

Neon is Expensive

Neon is Expensive

Oh, and Neon is Expensive, I mean seriously a custom Neon design is not cheap at all so I was researching alternatives and this is how I came across Yellowpop!

Yellowpop create amazing LED Neon effect lights that look just like the real thing, but a lot more Eco friendly!

They were sooo kind to reach out to me and give me more information on their business and the amazing facts about their lights!

Yellowpop’s custom LED neon lights are made with PVC tubing.

This means the product is:

  1. Unbreakable
  2. It does not increase in temperature
  3. It is lightweight
  4. It has low energy consumption
  5. It is affordable
Mounting your Yellowpop sign is super easy!

My favourite thing about Yellowpop is the fact you can choose from their range of amazing designs OR create your own! This is where I got very excited…..

Create your own text or image with the Customiser

So I bet you’re probably wondering if I got one made?

Well, the good news is I am currently in the process of Designing my own but I just couldn’t wait to share the news about them so this will be posted once I have my design made and up on the wall!

People are happiest when they’re outside soaking up the sunshine. And though neon is no replacement for good old vitamin D, we believe in the powerfully uplifting effects of light. Our inspiration for yellowpop came from this simple concept and a love of art and design.

Ruben & Jeremy

All their neons are mounted on a transparent acrylic board. They offer three different types of backing for the neons.

  1. Hollow out – Invisible and minimalist, this backing holds the letters together. This is the perfect backing if you go for a text-based neon sign.

  2. Cut to shape – The acrylic board is cut following the shape of the neon providing stability. We recommend using the cut-to-shape if you are looking for a stronger sign or for a specific logo.

Whilst you guys wait for my design to arrive, I have some AMAZING news!


Simply use the code DESIGNBEYOND10 for 10% off, now if that isn’t enough to tempt you then I don’t know what is! Now what are you waiting for?

I would love to see if you have a custom design made as I would love to share with Yellowpop too and who knows, you might be featured on socials!

Check them out over on Instagram or get designing on their website here!

Paul 🙂

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