Chipboard Bedroom Design

This was a project I recently did for a Client who was putting his property up for rent,

We exchanged e-mails about ideas for a simple update with a very small budget.

I love raw materials, I love the honest beauty you get with them so I decided to choose chipboard, because not only does it have an amazing texture it is very cost effective and is a simple way to update a space.

I decided to create a full wall headboard for height and visual appeal.

[qode_image_with_icon_and_text icon_pack=”font_awesome” icon=”fa-home” icon_size=”qode-icon-small” image=”290″ text=”Chipboard headboard / Wall sconces attached very easily / Chair in corner, Client already had / Hidden lighting behind chipboard for extra light and ambience”]
[qode_crossfade_images initial_image=”293″ hover_image=”294″]

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