Did I buy it or D.I.Y it?

Lately I have been really inspired by some pretty cool Vloggers over on youtube and it has given me a boost to get creative in different ways, I mean this whole situation and lockdown has really taken a toll on my creative mind so I am doing anything now to get that back.

Let’s get to it – for the first EVER DIBIODIYI – haha that’s a mouthful, basically this is a new series of posts I will do – Did I buy it or DIY it?

It’s simple, I will post on my social media of an item and all you have to do is guess if I made it or bought it, obviously the answer will be right here on the blog.

Large Scented Stone Candle

SO the question is… Did I make this or buy it?

I MADE IT!!!!!

Yes, I made this and I am so excited to show you how I did it!

Here is the DIY Guide on how to make your own Stone Candle or you can simply use it as a dish for whatever you like or a planter! It looks super expensive and also works with any interior style (You could paint it any colour you like)

As you can see from the picture below, I have 2 old cereal bowls which do not work with the crockery I have and I almost threw them out but after watching some DIY YouTube videos I was inspired to create something with them.

Those white bowls just do not work with my current set up

Things you will need:

  • 2 old bowls – Ideally the same for a symmetrical shape
  • Super strong glue – I used Gorilla Epoxy which is super strong and sets really quickly (Perfect for impatient crafters like me)
  • Sandpaper – Any will do

Get your 2 bowls and just lightly use the sandpaper to roughen to bottoms as this helps the glue bond a bit better.

Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of both bowls together but you get the idea, stick the bottom of one bowl to the bottom of the other and leave to set according to the glue.

Once this has set you will have your lovely shape which will resemble a large diablo, however do not get the string out and start playing (as tempting as this is)

Now the fun part, gently scrub both bowls with the sandpaper as this helps the spray paint stick nicely to the bowls. I used a stone effect spray paint and it did actually take me a few days as each coat takes 6 hours to fully dry, so just bear in mind when using the spray paint you choose – I also want to see what you use too!

Once the paint was dry I was able to move this around without getting it on my hands and WOW just look at how incredible it looks! Who would have thought what they were.

Once dried you can literally do what you want, you can use it as a planter:

OR if you want you could make a large candle, I make and sell candles already so this was a no brainer for me and any excuse to use my new Autumn scents!

If you want to make a candle then read on:

Glue your wick to the bottom like below:

Ensure the wick is centre and supported using a skewer and paperclip to stop it moving when you pour the wax.

Melt your wax using a double boiler or you could melt wax like you melt chocolate – In a bowl over a pan, just ensure you make sure you do not over melt the wax as this will cause tunnelling – use a thermometer and make sure the wax melts at 60 degrees celcius add your desired fragrance to the wax, give it a little stir then pour into your bowl at around 50 degrees.

Leave to cure for 24 hours or more (the longer you leave a candle to cure the better, as this locks in the fragrance better)

And here we have a final Scented candle ALL made from 2 bowls!

How beautiful does this look! I would love to know your thoughts! Will you be giving this a go? I would love to see, please tag me in your posts @designandbeyond on Instagram and Twitter.

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