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Have you been tempted to take a peak underneath that carpet? You might be hoping that at the very least there’ll be some floorboards under there that won’t need too much to be put back into working order. Of course, you might find a nightmare of woodworm and gloss paint, but it’s got to be worth the risk, right?

Even a touch as simple as exposing your floorboards can make a radical difference to how your living space looks, so let’s take a look at what you might need to do to bring them back up to scratch.


Firstly, once you’ve taken up the carpet and got rid of any carpet glue, you’re going to want to give your boards a good clean with a mop and special wood cleaning solution. Be gentle with them, they haven’t had exposure to the air for quite some time.

Then you’re going to need to give them a good vacuuming to make sure that any debris, particularly between the gaps is whisked away, ready to fill.


Traditionally you might have used papier mache to fill in the gaps between the floorboards. This was a messy business and a time consuming one at that. Nowadays we have the advantage of fillers such as Draughtex that can be pushed between boards and form a v-shaped seal.


Deal with deep scratches by filling with wood filler and when dry, sand it down to a smooth consistency.


After gently sanding down any rough patches, you’re ready to varnish or wax the boards as you wish. If you decide to go for a varnish, you’ll need to follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how many coats you’ll need to apply and how long to leave to dry between coats. The main advantage of varnishing your floorboards is that they will dry to form a fairly resilient barrier. The disadvantage is that in years to come when your boards are looking a bit tired and worn, you’ll probably need to sand down the entire area and start the varnishing process over again.

Another option you could look at is a hard wax oil. They only generally require two to three coats and have the added benefit of being fairly hardy. The boards will need attention every couple of years but the advantage here is that you only need to treat the patches that are looking a little worn, not the whole lot.

Whether you choose to expose your boards or go for another option entirely such as vinyl floating floors, you’ll be glad you spent some time giving that room in your house a whole new look. With a little hard work on your part and a little bit of luck with your boards being in a decent condition, you can transform the entire look of your room in just a matter of days.You’ll be looking for your next project in no time so get that furniture out of the way and get going on your fabulous flooring.

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