Doing Away With Interior Designer’s Block

Designing your home and embarking on renovation projects yourself can be hugely rewarding. What could be better for creating a space which entirely suits your needs? You can bet that even working with another designer won’t get you as close to what you want. As such, you may intend to go it alone for every room. There’s just one problem; your mind goes blank the moment you sit down to start.

Don’t worry. This type of block is something which even professionals experience at times. Home design is, after all, an art form. As such, not being able to envision what you want is a lot like writer’s block. Luckily, writers over the centuries have come up with ways to overcome this affliction. While those writing-specific tips might not help you, there are similar methods for dealing with designer’s block. If you’re struggling, then, keep reading to find out about a few of the things you could do.

Take your inspiration further

Often, writers advise getting out of the house or putting down books for a while. Instead, experiencing new places and conversations is best to get things going. And, there’s a similar design method which you may want to apply. There’s no denying that looking to sites like for design inspiration can be fantastic. But, sometimes, the only way through is to step away from design-specific inspiration. Instead, go out for a walk and take a look at the nature around you. Visit somewhere new and consider how it makes you feel. Do some coloring, and experiment with combinations you haven’t before. Just like that; you should come to find that your well of design ideas starts to flow again.

Clear the space

It can be incredibly difficult to envision a new room design around your belongings. You may not be able to get a grasp the real dimensions of a filled room. You might not even be able to look past those additions to the potential of the room itself. That’s why emptying the room is another fantastic way to unblock your vision. Bear in mind that piling furniture elsewhere will only add pressure which blocks you further. Instead, store things in the garage if you can, or in a self-storage unit like those offered by Either way, you may find that your ideas start firing again the moment you have a blank canvas in front of you. They do say, after all, that editing is harder than starting fresh.

Get started, already

It’s also worth noting that, at some stage, you need just to get started. If you’ve been planning your renovation for more than a month or so, it’s a sure sign that you’re putting this off. Is it any wonder that you can’t unblock yourself? Eventually, you need to make the first brushstroke. Remember that you can always cover that first effort over if it doesn’t go well. Either way, the process of doing something is sure to leave that block behind you.

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