Don’t let exterior tack ruin your Curb Appeal!

The exterior of the home says a lot about you. Whether it’s for neighbours or guests, it’s an important first impression. If you’re updating the style of your home, you also need to update that exterior. In particular, here are some of the lingering mistakes and issues that can make your whole home look a little tackier.

Old and faded

First of all, you need to make sure that your major exterior features are taken care of and fit the overall look that you’re trying to achieve. Improving old windows, repainting the exterior of the home, fixing cracks in the pathway, and even cleaning the roof and guttering can all help ensure that your home doesn’t look old and disused. Even if you’re not making any huge changes, simply sprucing up what’s already there can make the home look a lot fresher and a lot more loved by its owner.

Bin the bins

We all have bins. There’s no point pretending we don’t. However, if you don’t have a lot of space to put them away, they can sit right out there in public view which simply does not flatter the home. If you don’t have any storage space for them, then why not simply make it yourself? DIY recycling bin covers aren’t too difficult to make. All you need is some 2x4s, flat fencing wood, wood screws and a drill. A little paint can help match the other wood details of the exterior of your existing fencing. Just make sure that you leave one side open so that your bins are actually accessible when they have to be collected.

Old tech

We live in a modern society where tech is getting smaller, slimmer, and a lot less clunky and obtrusive. So, if you have big wires coming out of the home or huge aerials, it can make it look incredibly dated and not in the charming, traditional décor way. A new aerial installation can help, as specialists can help install new aerials that are smaller, if possible, and in a way that makes them less obvious to anyone viewing the home from the outside. You might not be able to do away with it (how would you live without TV?) but you can make it a much less dominant presence.

The ugly utilities

Many homes have essential utility features on their exterior. Your HVAC system might be connected to ventilation grates on the outside, or you might have an external electric meter box. However, there are plenty of ways to hide these. You can DIY your own cover for them, just like the bin solution mentioned above. However, if they’re not too big, even strategic plant placement can make them less noticeable from a distance. Just don’t block them up entirely or you might actually stop them from being useful.

If you want to be known for your attention to detail when it comes to the home, don’t forget to look beyond the interior walls. Create the perfect welcome by fixing the little issues named above and remember to keep your garden nice and tidy, too.

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