Ensuring The Bedroom Is A Stress Free Zone

If the kitchen is the heart of the home, the living room is the stress-buster of the home, then the bedroom is the nurturing, vulnerable space of the home. It’s where we feel the most secure in the world, sleeping without a care. It’s the place we can feel the most nourished and refreshed each morning, after a fantastic night of sleep. It’s the place we also feel comfortable sharing intimacy with those we love, and a place we can sleep lazily in the morning until 11am (or sometimes 3pm, oops.)


No matter who you are, a good bedroom is surely something you desire. Decorating it, then, is perhaps a great way to ensure this space feels fully yours. Bedroom decorations take on a different set of characteristics compared to usual home decoration. It’s unlikely anyone but your close friends and family might see it. That means you can fully indulge in what matters to you, and make the bedroom look as minimal or gaudy as you’d like.


But what decorations might not come to mind immediately? What might help you get started? I hope this advice helps:

The Headboard

You might not have given much consideration to your headboard, but you’d be surprised as to how well it can tie the room together. A comfortable, well-designed curation from Bentley design bed headboards can not only give your bedroom its own personality but helps you protect the wall against scraps and dirt, while also preventing you from headbutting the wall in a night of feverish, odd dreams. This sounds silly, but trust us, it happens. The headboard can also be a fantastic place to stack up your pillows when reading at night.

The Lighting

A bedroom without a comfortable lighting ambience is a bedroom only half-brought to fruition. Lighting matters. You might choose to use ethereal fairy lighting dangled across your desk and headboard for that beautiful, evocative glow. You might also simply decide to purchase tinted lampshades or stop your reliance on only using the big light in the room (something which can be horrible to think back to once you’ve applied this consideration correctly.) The lighting in your room can gently nurse you to sleep when reading, wake you up comfortably on those cold winter mornings, or generally help you set the mood in many different ways.

The Music Player

Every bedroom should have the capacity for music. No matter if it’s a simple soundbar at the foot of your bed connected to your Spotify account on your mobile phone, or a more vintage and beautiful record player and vinyl collection to give a room some true character, almost everyone can appreciate some late night-time soothing classical and jazz, and the same when waking up. Trust me when I say that a little music can really help your room take on a vibrant tone, so be sure to do so with pride.


With these simple bedroom decorations, you’re sure to love nights and mornings here in equal measure. After all, almost a third of your life will be spent here to some degree.

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