FOLDED Lamps from BO Lamp by Bandido Studio

Mexico Studio Bandido have collaborated with Cesar Núñez to create this table lamp, featuring a lozenge-shaped reflector that is folded down the middle.

[qode_simple_quote simple_quote_text=”Through observation and experimenting with different materials, the BO Lamp generates a warm and soft light that reflects on the V-shaped metal sheet.” simple_quote_author=”Bandido Studio, founded by Alejandro Campos and Joel Rojas”]

The body of the lamp has a matte finish to diffuse the reflection. A touch-activated sensor hidden in the cylindrical base also allows the user to change the intensity of the LED light and alter the mood.

The folded portion, which looks like abstract wings or petals, attached to the base almost halfway up.

The angled top from which the light is emitted at a 45-degree angle towards the centre of the vertical crease line.

[image_with_text image=”348″]The lamp comes thee colour options, which Bandido Studio calls Champagne White, Oxford Grey and Peach Rose, and uses across its range of industrial designs.[/image_with_text]
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