Forget What’s On The Inside – Have You Nailed The Outside Yet?

More often than not, you’ll often find that when it comes to your home, that you’re someone who tends to focus on the interiors more than anything. And if you are, you’re not the only one. Because whenever any of us think about bringing our homes together, you instantly think about things like paint colors and fabric samples. You don’t always think about brick and landscaping. But really, that’s all part of the process. So, perhaps right now, you need to actively think about what you need from the outside of your home? Let’s take a look at that in more detail.


1. The Rendering

So first of all, you’re going to want to think about the actual outside of your property. Whether we’re talking brick, or render, or paint, or wood – you need to make sure that it’s all looking perfect, and that it then sets the tone for the design of your home. So step outside and see what you need. Is the brick looking a little shabby? Do you need to repaint or restain the wood? Just make sure that you’re really working on the exterior, as you’ll be surprised by how much this can spruce up the entire home.

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2. The Windows

So next, alongside the rendering or brick or wood, you’re then going to want to take a look at your windows. You may not realize this at all, but you could find that old windows and doors just bring down how great the exterior looks. So, if you know that the windows are old, you have to find a local supplier like Buckingham Double Glazing and take a look at what replacement options you have. Get a range of quotes and consider what kind of different looks could do for your exterior.

3. The Roof

Then, you’re going to want to look on up. Because, yes, your roof can also bring down the overall look of your home. Luckily, you may find that you don’t have to replace the entire thing. But, you may want to get some tiles replaced or some tidying up done and cleaning carried out on the guttering. Because this may all just give it a bit of a facelift.

4. The Front Porch

One of the things that you will find really bring it all together is your front porch. So really make sure that you pick out some great ideas like these on Good Housekeeping to inspire you. A beautiful front door and surrounding foliage could really make this is all stand out.

5. The Driveway

And lastly, your driveway definitely comes into the equation. In some occasions, this is what it’s all about. If you find that your driveway is what is seen first, then you’ll want to make sure that this sets the tone of the property. Even if your driveway is a little small, it can still let everything else down. So make sure that you’re really dressing it up, relaying something pretty, and even decorating it with plants and lighting too.

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