Get Your Home Spring Ready

Spring is in full swing and we are finally starting to enjoy some of that warm weather we’ve all beenWaiting for. After spending months hibernating in your home during the winter; it is understandable that after a while you might be a little bit sick of your surroundings and you may want to try something completely new. Today we are going to have a look at some of the ways that you can bring some fun into your home this spring for the better.

Freshen the sheets

Even if you have one set of bedding which you seem to wash and replace immediately when you change the bed, it is sometimes good to have a change. As well as upgrading things such as your pillows, duvet and bringing in an award winning memory foam mattress to your bed this spring: every little also helps. Take a look at the store and buy some fresh new bedding this year. It will only be a small change but it can be amazing for your bed time routine and it will brighten up the whole room!

Bright Colours

Spring is the ideal time to really get creative with colours and let loose with your biggest wishes. A lot of us are scared to use really bright colours in the home but actually these can be a great way to brighten up the place and make it feel brand new. As long as you don’t overdo it, it will enhance any interior design you have already and will bring life to the space. One of the ways you can do this is with brightly coloured accessories such as candles, soft furnishings, and tea towels. And you can also think of painting a feature wall for some extra fun!


When we think about spring and the symbol which characterises it the most, flowers will always come to mind. Flowers are the best part of spring as new life starts to grow in the world and it brings us some stunning colours and scents. There are several ways you can use flowers to brighten up the home. You could choose to use freshly cut flowers to brighten up the house and add some colour, or you could have houseplants which flower during the spring and summer such as pansies or marigolds. Have some fun with it and bring colour, texture and life to your space this year.

Lighter Fabrics

During the winter a lot of us have a habit of putting on the most bold and deep toned throws and cushions to the beds and sofas in the house. Now that the spring is here and we are ringing in a milder season it is time to put away the heavy fabrics and bring in lighter ones instead. Lighter fabrics such as linen can look great for a summer inspired room and it will bring some air in the space which you will need as the weather heats up.

Change Lampshades

One of the elements of a room which a lot of people seem to forget about is the lampshades in the Home. If you want to make a big impact on your space and bring some brightness to the home, a brighter lampshade can make the difference in the warmer months of the year. Try bringing a white or yellow lampshade to the room and it will brighten up the room and give you a lovely glow.

Paint it

If you have a weekend spare and you know you want to make some changes to the house, why not paint a room? If you have a room in the house which is starting to look a bit boring, swap out the old colour for a lighter and brighter one so that you can really hone in on that spring atmosphere. It will make a lovely change and you don’t even have to stray away from your colour scheme!

Change the curtains

Big chunky curtains are a sure fire way to make you feel lovey and cosy during the harsh winter months, and blacking out some of that light can be great. However, when it comes to spring and summer we want to allow as much light into the home as we can, to do this you will need to change the curtains. You can even decide to replace the curtains with blinds for the summer and this can be a great way to save space and allow much more light to flood in.

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