Getting The Kids Involved In Moving Home

Moving home is a big change for anyone. It’s a time of complete upheaval, a time of financial uncertainty, and a time filled with differences that can turn out both good and bad. You’ll have a new home, new neighbours, a new neighbourhood, maybe a new job, and you’ll have little that’s familiar to come home to.

Well, your kids can feel the same way. After all, they’ve got little in the way of life experience – a time like this is going to be one of complete confusion for them!
We’ve talked a little about moving home before, but let’s focus on the kids for this one. It’s their new home too, and they’re going to need to like and love the place as much as you do, so let’s make sure they’re equally invested in it. Feel free to read on if you’ve got children that aren’t adjusting to well to having to move home, and you’re out of ideas on how to change that.

Let Them Pack Up Their Own Rooms

If they do, they get to decide what they’re keeping for the new home they’re moving into, and Mummy and Daddy aren’t barging in to throw out all the toys they’ve used well and loved over the years. After all, you certainly wouldn’t like it if someone threw away one of the few possessions you had in the world without asking you first how you felt about it!
So, your kids might be feeling a little confused right now, and there’s no wonder why: they’re moving out of the house they’ve grown up in so far, and their bedroom needs to be put in the back of a removals van. So, if they’re old enough, let them start the process. Give them the tools required (the boxes, some tape etc.), and then leave them to it and come back to check later. Tell them it’s up to them what they keep and what they don’t want anymore, and give them a pen to label the boxes with once they’re done.

Let Them Decorate

Decorating is a big part of moving home, and your kids should be included in it. Let them pick the paint or the wallpaper for their new room, and let them pick the carpet colour too. They’ll be playing and sleeping and doing their homework in there, it’s only right they dictate how that kind of environment looks!

But don’t stop there: let them be included in the downstairs decoration as well. Maybe have them create a painting, frame it, and then hang it up in the living room. Let them pick the multicoloured chairs that go around the dinner table. All this will help to remind your kids that they have a say in the household around them.

Your kids can get excited about moving home, as long as they feel included too.

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