Give Your Bathroom A Whole New Feel

Let’s face it, bathrooms aren’t always the prettiest of places, and it’s very easy to forget that they can be until you see a magazine or go to a fancy hotel, and you realise just how beautiful they are, and also what a vital role they have. We often spend so much time on other rooms in our home and leave this one because it’s a private place that always has the door shut. But that doesn’t mean that it can’t look just as stunning as everywhere else. It’s also a pretty easy place to give a makeover too because they are all a very similar setting and layout, so the changes are simple ones that are all mostly to do with appearance – unless you wanted a whole new revamp and had new appliances fitted.


So if you’re struggling for ideas on what to do – here are a few basic things to get you on the right track.  

Touch ups

There may not be anything broken in your bathroom, but things may be able to do a better job than what they already are. Take your bath or shower for example. Yes, it works, and it’s giving you hot water when you want it, but is it as perfect as it could be? Over time, the seal around the bottom can begin to change colour or even lift up – this is just something that happens and can’t really be avoided, but you can take care of this minor issue by applying some CT1 adhesive and sealants around the edge. Not only will this stop the risk of any leaks happening, but it will also be a wonderful white to make the overall area appear a lot cleaner and fresher.


Paint job

If your bathroom is one of those that share the same off-white shade, or a dated mint green, then now is the time to change that. It’s 2018, and there are no rules, so if you want to go crazy and paint your bathroom walls multicoloured stripes – so be it. Just remember that every colour gives off a different vibe and personality, so if you’re trying to set a calm tone, almost slightly spa-like, then you will want to tap into mochas and warm chocolate browns, as these are both indulging. If you have the space, it’s also a nice idea to come up with a feature wall that is a lot bolder than the other colour scheme you have going on. This could be a deep peacock turquoise or a plum purple to add that vibrant bit of contrast.


One way to bring everything together for the overall look is to get rid of whatever vintage decor you have in the bathroom, be it old toothbrush holders and soap jars, and replace them with something more modern and on trend. You could even ensure that they share the same colour as your feature wall for that extra pop to liven the area up. Although it’s only a small detail, it’s a very powerful one.

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