Giving Your Kitchen A Professional Sheen

Do you love your kitchen? Has the oven never let you down? Do you love the colours of the backsplash behind the stove? Maybe you centered the entire room around a design theme, and you’re incredibly happy with the results?


Or maybe you’re not, and you really think a change could benefit both how workable the space is and how happy you are with your home. Don’t worry, the kitchen goes through a lot of use during its time in your house, so you’re probably due a renovation on it anyway!


Now’s your chance to get a headstart on the influx of orders the interior design companies will get next spring, and start your little project off now! If you’ve got a particularly important dinner party coming up, or you just want to include some more professional and swanky elements in your kitchen/dining room, here’s a few tips you’re going to want to look into. It doesn’t have to be a hard change to introduce!

Is your pan display looking a little tired? It’s time to rearrange it!

Make it Look a Little More Expensive…

If you want a more professional sheen to your kitchen, then you’re going to need to add a little more money here and there, and throw around the gold leaf on your kitchen cabinets. Or… you save your money and just give the room the appearance of being expensive, and save the pennies for something more important! Simple and easy!


First of all, buy some new handles for your kitchen drawers and cabinets, as replacing these is going to be simple and cheap to do, but they’re going to give your kitchen more of a shine as soon as you step into it. Not to mention it’s always nice to have some silver parts around when you’re feeling bad about the appearance as a whole.


Then it’d be a good idea to repaint the walls, or change the tiles on your backsplash, to something with a lighter or quieter shade. Blacks and whites are always going to work best for making your kitchen look expensive, but colours like reds and blues do the job just fine as well. And if you can arrange different tiles into a pattern, there’s going to be a bit more personality than just including a minimalist influence.

And you’re going to want to tackle the lighting as well, to really make your expensive outlook come together. Not only are you going to want new bulbs, that give a clearer colour to the light than the yellow or bluish hue your current bulbs give off, but you’re going to want to change the fixtures as well. Maybe something that tumbles down in a champagne colour, or metal cones that direct the light over your island counter only?

Make it Look Bigger!

If you want your kitchen to look a little more professional, you’re going to want to introduce the illusion that it’s much bigger than it actually is. Unless you have the money to add on an extension that is! But on the very good chance that you don’t, you can easily make the room look and feel larger than it is with some design tricks. Make your party guests feel like they can all fit into it once.


First of all, you might want to change your base cabinets, as the depth to them is making them jut out into the floor that you want to see more of. And just replacing the cupboards on the edges of your kitchen can work wonders – it’s a cheap upgrade to complete this way. Be on the lookout for cupboards that only have 300mm depth to them, and don’t go any bigger than 450mm. You’ll be surprised at how much more room you’ll have on your hands when you try this trick out.


You can also add in some very strategic mirrors, as it’s the reflection via these pieces that make us think a room is larger than it is. Not to mention the perception changes the closer you are: if you’ve put one up behind the stove, and you’re cooking away and you have been for hours, you’re going to think you’ve got a whole ‘nother house behind you as you stare into it! Simple tricks like these go a long way.

Use Sophisticated Amenities

If you’re someone who likes to stock your kitchen up with many different foods and drinks and amenities then you’re going to love this next step! Adding a more professional flourish to your kitchen is easily done when you’ve got classy accents to complete the look – and these are much cheaper than trying to renovate any part of the actual building you live in!


So the next time you go shopping for kitchen roll to dry your counters with, why not buy up some standard restaurant napkins instead? If they’re good enough to give out to dining patrons, then they’ll go down a storm at your dinner party.


You might want to install a pasta arm to your sink as well, especially if you’re a big fan of these easy carbohydrates. They’re great for feeding the whole family. When they fill up the pan to boil for you, and then wash off the cooked pasta to get rid of the starch for you as well, you’re going to be able to get so much more done! Say hello to more chopped vegetables and sauces that haven’t splashed out over the stove because of how rushed you are.

Ready to Give Your Kitchen a Quick Facelift?

Your kitchen is going to look amazing once you’re done here, and there’s always more you can add and bits to take away when nothing is a permanent fixture. A professional kitchen is one that changes to your needs whenever you require it, so make sure you’ve got the max functionality before you change any of the aesthetics involved in the room. It doesn’t even have to be hard to do!

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