My Guest Bedroom Ideas

When you move into your new home, there is an unspoken order everyone follows to decorate their rooms. First, the living room gets a fresh coat of paint or new wallpaper. Then your efforts move towards the kitchen and the bathroom. And finally, you conclude with a sophisticated and relaxing theme for your bedroom. The guest bedroom is often neglected during the first round of interior decoration. But it’s never too late to give your spare bedroom the attention it deserves. Contrary to the rest of your home, the guest bedroom doesn’t need to repeat your interior colour palette. In fact, you can create a separate universe under your own roof, as it’s not a room for everyday use.



Transform your spare room

It’s fair to say that the guest bedroom tends to serve as a storage room when you first move in. Unless you invite guests to stay over, it’s likely to remain filled with cardboard boxes and unwanted items until you finally decide to decorate it. Start by decluttering the room so that you can evaluate whether you need to plan home improvement works. For instance, you can make a loft room more welcoming with Empire Lofts roof window solutions. Getting more natural light into a room can dramatically transform the atmosphere.

Create a theme

Making your guests feel at home is not easy. We all have our habits and our favourite side of the bed. So, ultimately, when you spend the night away from home, it’s natural to miss the comfort of your bedroom. However, you can create a colourful bubble of fun and peacefulness for your guests to feel more positive about the bedroom. You can choose an exciting combination of colours, from the gender-inspired pink and blue clashing class decor to a more elaborate natural background with yellow, green and pastel shades. As a rule of the thumb, your guests will love a room with a fun personality.


Purify the air if the room hasn't often been used

Do you know that most guest bedrooms have in common? They can smell a little stuffy if they are not used often. The addition of a houseplant can help to purify the air in the long term. But for immediate results, you can use essential oils to remove the toxins and the claustrophobic feeling in the room. You will need a diffuser to make sure the oils spread throughout the room. Citrus is an excellent choice in winter, and ylang-ylang can help reduce the effects of air pollution in urban areas.

Functional yet elegant storage

It can be easy to fill the guest bedroom with inexpensive second-hand furniture, but you can create a dramatic setting with some harmonious storage solutions. Indeed, as the spare bedroom is not designed for regular use, your storage accessories need to be valued for their functionality and elegance. You may not need a wardrobe in your guest bedroom so that you could maximise the space with an upholstered ottoman instead.


[message type=”normal”]In conclusion, it’s time to have fun with your guest bedroom. There’s only one rule: don’t make it a Magnolia room! Keep it exciting, bold and comfortable for your guests. [/message][message type=”normal” border=”no”]Have you recently updated your guest room? Currently Inn the process of doing one? I would love to know your inspiration and updates![/message]

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