Hello you! Welcome to Design & Beyond run by me – Paul

This is where I blow my own trumpet a bit ???? My title is Interior Stylist but I’m more of a jack-of-all-trades / creative / crafty / hands-on / unicorn ????

I design, make, craft and sell. I’ve got a BA degree in Interior Design, and I taught myself various ways of being creative. I’ve worked as a professional property stylist, been a store manager and now I am a logistics manager. I create compulsively, have an over-active mind and I love to make things! Trumpet blowing over ????

Design & Beyond started as an Interiors blog but I am now moving towards Crafts too so you will see a mix, why not mix things up eh.

You will see craft posts, mostly Cricut inspired and I will also add downloads too for you to use in your own projects!

So come join me on my craft journey and let’s help inspire. learn, excite and create together!