How to decorate a living room

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When Timothy Oulton contacted me to do a guest post for them, I was more than happy to do so, as funnily enough I was on the hunt for a Chesterfield – Weird coincidence right!? Plus I love their aesthetic and British heritage design style!

So they provided me with a lovely post on how to decorate a living room:

While your bedroom might be the place you physically spend the most time in, and the dining hall might be where you break bread with your family and guests, your living room’s design has to be carefully considered above all else because it’s a place that you go to relax and enjoy yourself, whether or not you’re doing anything!

Decorating your living room means allowing you to feel cozy and comfortable, whether that means feeling like you have an expansive space to work with or ensuring that the interior design language is consistent and harmonious. Here are some tips to help you get the perfect living room.

1. Keep the TV in a cabinet with doors

Inactive televisions with nothing showing on them often look like gaping voids, and give the sense that something’s missing in the room. This distracting emptiness often leads people to keep them on even if they don’t plan to watch anything, just to provide a sense of activity.

Living rooms don’t have to be all about the television. This isn’t just an unhealthy relationship with the screen, it also wastes electricity. Put your TV behind a doored cabinet so that you can close it when it’s not in use.

2. Create a focal point

The focal point of your living room’s design is what immediately catches your eye when you visit it. Having a focal point adds complexity and accent to your living room, and makes it generally more pleasing and interesting to look at especially.

Consider a wall with paintings, or a unique texture like brick. This will draw attention to itself and frame the rest of your living room.

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3. Employ contrast

Creating a contrast between light and dark in your living room provides an enhanced sense of space and depth that can make it feel wider and more interesting, while also avoiding the extremes of either looking too clean or too dark and cramped.

4. Use practical materials for your furniture upholstery

Living rooms are going to see a lot of relaxed action. This often means wine and ink stains that will need frequent cleaning. Using practical materials can make these accidents easier to handle. This advice is especially important when you’re raising a family in your home, where food and other unsavoury stains will be pretty common. Consider leather as your choice of upholstery. Leather lasts much longer than other fabrics, and only needs a clean, dry cloth to wipe down, or for more serious stains just a solution of mild soap and water. This is in contrast to other materials that often require expensive dedicated cleaning solutions. Getting a leather sofa might be a big investment for your living room, but it’ll last a long time and make life easier for you.


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