How to Start Designing Your Own Stuff

It is easier than ever to start designing your own products. From mugs to dog beds, towels and yoga mats, there is no end to the things you could have your own brand printed on or made to the way you want them. Technology has made this possible, and for some people has brought out creativity they did not realise existed.

Print On Demand

The beauty of print on demand is that you do not have to have a huge stock of ready-made items. It does not matter if they do not sell too well because you will not have invested huge sums of money to have them made, and then to store them until the sales happen.

Perhaps make a design with your favourite animal or make up a character that is light-hearted. Consumers love animals and they love humour, and designs for both of these usually sell well. You just take the orders and get the goods printed with your design. As more people see them, your brand will become better known and hopefully more sales will happen.

Make Life Easier

You may have a brilliant idea but not be too good at designing. That is not an unusual situation, and if this is your predicament you need to find yourself a designer. In fact, using a company such as Agentdraw will get your product sorted through from design to manufacturing, and that would make your life a lot easier. It’ll still be your vision, you’ll just have some extra professional help to realise it.


One thing you should not do is base your choice of help purely on cost. You need to look at past projects and how well they have done for deciding who to use.

Set Up A Website

You need a website for your products, as that is where consumers will go to buy them. But just setting it up is not enough; you need to let people know it is there. Social media is a brilliant way of doing this as long as you are prepared to dedicate the time it needs.


All the social media platforms between them have billions of registered users, with millions of them logging in every day. How else could you reach this many potential customers where the only thing spent is your time?


You must always be positive with your posts and comments, even if you are replying to something you do not like. You will lose followers quicker than anything if you are negative, and the whole idea is to gain more not lose them.

Excel At Customer Service

Consumers are far more likely to recommend excellent customer service than they are a particular product. This is what they expect from every company, and you may well find that you take customers from competitors who do not provide a service as good as yours.


Designing your product is just the start of a lot of hard work to make your business a success. It will be worth it in the end though, if you can make your business one of the just 25% of online businesses that succeed.

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