Incorporating Precious Memories into Your Interior Décor

Children grow into adults too quickly and before you know it they are off making a life of their own.  When they were young there will have been special times that you want to preserve the memory of and there are various ways to do this.

Memory Boxes

Memory boxes are the most common way of keeping some of your children’s special moments. Photos of them as a baby are generally included, but there should also be some additional items. The tag they wore in the hospital when they were born, their first pair of shoes or maybe a favourite toy they no longer play with. A copy of their most watched film or TV program is another good idea and perhaps some report cards from school. Anything that will jog a memory for them, or for you to tell them about is good, but why should it all be hidden away in a box that no one ever sees? You could make a collage of some of these things and hang it for all the family to see.

Make A Family Quilt

Children grow out of their clothes really quickly, and often before they have worn them out. It may be that some of them you want to pass on to other family members, but you could hold back a few and start a family quilt. A quilt is made from patches of different materials stitched together. Then a backing is put on it and the inside is filled. This is a very simple explanation and you can try here for more information on this idea. It’s a really great way to keep those young baby memories alive.


Depending on the size of the finished product, it could be used as a throw over a sofa or as an extra cover for a bed. The one thing you can be certain of is that your memories will keep you warm.

Turn Family Traditions Into Art

If there is a bedtime story that has always been told in your family, and you have passed it on to your children, you could have a representation of one of the characters painted and hung in your living room or hallway.  Every time you or one of the kids pass by they will be reminded of the bedtime story you used to tell them each night of they fell asleep.

Let The Family Help With The Design

The whole family live in your home, not just you so they should have some say in the interior design, and contribute to the final effects. Get your children to draw or paint some pictures and have them fixed into good quality frames. These will make your kids feel really proud of what they achieved and will be a reminder for everyone as they grow.


You could even have a gallery wall of their artworks and photos of special family events. By encouraging them to be involved in the choice of the décor, you may be surprised by the good ideas they will come up with. Kids have far more imagination than adults and are usually much better at putting colours and designs together. Don’t forget to take photos of any décor they suggested that you have done, as this will be another memory for the future.

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