Light And Bright: Small Ways To Transform Your Home In Spring

Light And Bright: Small Ways To Transform Your Home In Spring

Spring is a wonderful time of year and it is the ideal time for us to start making changes in the house and beyond. If you have been hibernating in the house all winter you are likely starting to get a little bored of the same four walls and the drab and dull design. Why not make a fresh change this month and upgrade the home a little?

Change the lights

There was a trend back in the 70s of having yellow warm glow lights all over the home, and if you have bought a home from someone else you likely have these same yellow hue bulbs all over the space. Yellow light gives everything a warm glow but it also doesn’t give you as much light as cool white bulbs would. Why not make a switch with Abbeygate Lighting and grab some LED lights for the house instead? You’ll be surprised how much of a positive impact it can really make to your home.

Getting a reputable electrician in your area to create safe and aesthetically pleasing new lighting in your home is definitely recommended. Trying to deal with new fixtures and fittings with regards to electrics and lighting is very difficult to handle on your own. Consult a professional who will be able to complete the job efficiently throughout your home so that you are left with beautiful results.

Pattern the walls

If you have been living with the same colour scheme for a while now, it is about time for a change. You can make a huge impact on the atmosphere of your whole house by changing the colour of the walls, and patterned wallpaper can allow you to have a a mixture of colours and textures. If you have a small living room it might be a better idea to only wallpaper one wall and leave the rest a plain colour, but have fun with it and see what feels right for you.


Upgrading the home and making it feel more exciting this year doesn’t necessarily have to involve spending money. Sometimes a cheap and simple way to upgrade your house is actually to rearrange the furniture in the home instead. If you have had the TV in the corner of the room for a long while, why not mount it on the wall in the middle of the room and move everything else around? You won’t have spend a ton of money and the space will feel refreshed.

Open up the space

If you have a few walls in the home which don’t seem to be serving a purpose, why not just knock them down? You can create a much more open and inviting space in your home this year by simply knocking down walls which aren’t doing anything to add to the space. This can make the whole house feel so much bigger and much brighter too.

Open to the outside

One of the great things about having a kitchen at the back of the house is the fact that you can create an open space which leads into the garden. You can use French doors to add a ton of sunlight to the kitchen and it will also make the kitchen and the garden feel like extensions of each other. It can be a great idea and one which will make a whole ton of impact on the space.

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