Living Room Revamp using Valspar Paint

Ever since I moved in with my partner in our apartment in London, I have always wanted to to add some colour and personality to it to make it feel more homely and not just a basic rented home.

We are lucky to have such lovely landlords who give us the go ahead to add some colour.

Keeping everything neutral and adding a POP of colour is what we wanted to do, and the landlords were happy with this.

So off I went with ideas for a colour and I proposed this to my other flatmates, we came to a decision and we went with it.

So we basically had a white blank canvas, as the lounge had always been white and…


I decided to use  Valspar Paints as I have used their paints for many years and found their quality amazing and the products such as Valspar Rollers and Brushes all work perfectly to give the best results.

Benefits of using their paints are:

  • Maximum Coverage
  • Wipeability
  • Pure Colour TM – HD light refracting quality


This is Valspars signature quality guarantee meaning that high quality pigments are used which give the colours a consistent, accurate and have a HD light refracting properties meaning you get super bright and vibrant colours on your walls.

You’ll see what I mean further down the line…

With the paint being of such amazing quality, I was surprised how quick it took us to do the whole room, and the blue went on like a dream!

Quick drying meant a top-up coat was done very quickly meaning the full colour was at it’s peak and instantly transforming the room!

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All done over a weekend,  I am super happy with the results and the room now makes our apartment feel more like a home!

Huge thanks to Valspar for their amazing support with this, go check them out and if you want further information just comment below or contact me and I will be happy to help!

Final Styled Design

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