My 5 Tips To Bring The Outdoors In

Does your home feel disconnected from the outside world? Adding some natural and earthy features to your home’s interior could be good your mental and physical health. Here are my 5 tips to bring the outdoors in.

Add some houseplants

Houseplants are a great way of bringing some nature into your home. There are a number of benefits to growing houseplants. They’re great for improving air quality, helping to get rid of humidity and purify the air or dust and pollutants with a fresh supply of oxygen. Plants are also great for our mood and have been found to relieve stress and boost concentration.

Certain plants may be better suited to certain rooms due to their individual properties. Plants such as Boston fern and peace lily thrive in low light and humid conditions making them great for the bathroom. The likes of lavender and jasmine meanwhile produce sleep-inducing scents that make them ideal for the bedroom. Meanwhile, there are plenty of plants that produce foods such as chilli plants and tomato plants that could be perfect for the kitchen to help use within cooking (you don’t need a garden to grow your own organic produce and there are many fruit and vegetables that can be grown indoors).

Use less synthetic materials

You can also bring a natural touch to your home by using less synthetic materials and more natural materials. When it comes to flooring, say no to lino and instead embrace wooden floors and stone tiles. As for countertops, consider switching out your synthetic worktops for stone or timber. Meanwhile, when it comes to upholstery, avoid nylon and polyester and opt for wool, cotton and leather instead.

Whilst synthetic materials can sometimes offer better properties when it comes to weight and durability, natural materials are sustainable and are healthier for the mind and body. You can buy timber at sites such as George Hill Timber, whilst the likes of Stone Superstore specialise in natural tiles. As for furniture made from natural materials, there are plenty of places where you can buy this.

Let in more sunlight

There may also be ways to cut down on artificial lighting, instead letting more natural light into your home. Natural light contains vitamin D which is good for the skin and is also thought to ward off depression.


The best way to let in more natural light is to add more windows. Many people add skylights to their homes as a way of helping natural light to flood the room from above. Bay windows meanwhile can similarly increase the amount of light that enters a room.


If installing new windows is out of your budget, you may still be able to let in more natural light by finding ways to reflect it. Mirrors places opposite windows can help to brighten up a room whilst reflective surfaces such as laminated wood and polished stone can also let in extra light.

Introduce natural aromas

You may also be able to bring scents from outdoors into your home. Pine, lavender, citrus and roses are just some natural smells that help to give your home a natural feel. Rather than using chemical air fresheners, try using natural oils in an oil diffusers. You can also try using scented wax candles to introduce natural aromas. There are also a number of houseplants that can help to introduce natural fragrances such as jasmine and pansy orchid.

You may even be able to make your own natural DIY cleaning solutions to use around the house. This could help replace the chemical smells used by standard cleaning solutions, giving your home a more natural smell.

Use nature-themed art

Artwork containing natural scenery could also help you to connect to nature within your home. On top of paintings, you could also try using nature themed wall art and wallpaper. Companies such as Marshalls India have a variety of nature-themed wallpapers to choose from. Such wallpaper and artwork can also help to add depth to a room without windows, making it feel more open and less claustrophobic.

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