My 8 Ideas for adding a Kitchen Extension

In older homes, the kitchen is often a dark, small room at the back of the house, with not much room for the modern family. If you’re considering a kitchen extension, to create a large, more open space for your family to cook, eat and socialise, consider these ideas for a big, beautiful extension. Here are My 8 Ideas for adding a Kitchen Extension.

  1. Embrace the modern feel of a kitchen extension by choosing a stand out hero colour. A bright colour pop on one wall, whether in the tiles or as a painted wall, creates a great feature wall. Pull the colour into the rest of the room with accessories and other accents, like chairs cushions, small appliances or decorative clutter.
  2. Think about storage. If you’re designing a kitchen, you can really tailor your storage to your needs, with a mix of cabinets, cupboards, drawers and shelves. Deep drawers are great for large pans, whereas open shelving can be a lovely way to store and display interesting dishware or other items. For keen chefs, add plenty of storage for cookware, whereas a wine enthusiast might appreciate a built-in wine rack.
  3. If you need your wall space for cupboards, but still want to let plenty of daylight into the kitchen, you could add a skylight. If your extension reaches away from the back of the house,
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    are a modern looking way to let in lots of natural light.

  4. A kitchen island is a great way to divide up different zones of a larger kitchen extension. An island or breakfast bar can create separation between the cooking space and an eating or sitting area.
  5. Create a cohesive feel between a multi-functional extension by using the same design elements in the different zones. An open plan kitchen, dining and living space can feel confused, but if you use the same materials or colours, such as a consistent wood accent, throughout, you can make the design feel more deliberate. Using the same set of colours or design theme can help these spaces feel like one unified room.
  6. Embrace multi-function spaces. A large kitchen extension gives you the opportunity to use it for far more than just cooking. Add a large dining table or create a comfy sitting area with a sofa or two. Making the kitchen multi-functional is great for family life. The kids can work on homework while you cook, or if you have guests, you can still socialise as you cook and they relax on the sofas.
  7. If your kitchen leads onto the garden, bring the outside in with large glass doors and beautiful windows. Add a sitting area in the garden near the doors, so you can easily move outside to eat when the weather is good.
  8. If you’re adding a modern extension onto a more traditional home, reference your home’s roots by adding some nods to the original in the new space. Show off any period features or create interest with traditional materials like wood, or by mixing in some more vintage styled pieces of furniture.

Are you currently working on an Extension? I would love to see in the comments if you are 🙂


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