My Top 10 DIY Furniture Ideas for Small Spaces

If you live in a tiny apartment and would like to maximise your space, chances are that you would need to get creative, as the standard items you can buy in the shop will simply not fit or be functional in your space. Thankfully, those who have affinity to DIY will be able to create stunning items that will make your small space look bigger, give you more storage, and comfort. Here are my top 10 DIY furniture ideas to help with your small space.

Shelf Over the Sink

If your kitchen is miniscule, chances are that you don’t have enough storage space to get cooking, but there are plenty of ways you can utilise the wall area. If you create a simple over the sink shelf for the kitchen, you can have your washing up liquid and your cleaning items stored safely. You might even have all your utensils in a masonic jar, so you don’t have to dig through the small drawers.

Storage Under the Bathroom Sink

You can also add a practical shelf under the sink and store away all your cleaning rags and chemicals. You will only need a couple of made-to-measure furniture pieces and a door to make the space usable and better utilised. Whether you would like to hide away your mop or your brush and pan, this is the perfect place, so everything is at hand, and you don’t have to live in a chaotic home.

Above the Door Shelf

In case you have simply no space to keep your towels, spare cushions, and throws in the bedroom or the bathroom, you can make your own above-the-door shelf. Check the structural stability of the house, and make sure that you fix the shelf safely, and it will not injure you or one of your family members. You might use this to hold your decorative items on the top and other items inside the shelf.

Under Bed Shoe Storage

In case you can’t fit a full size cabin bed in the house, and you have more shoes than storage space, you might benefit from creating an under bed storage drawer or a pull-ut box that will hold all your pairs perfectly organized. This storage might also be a good place to store your accessories, such as hats, scarves, and handbags. If you have limited storage, you can live in a disorganized home or do something about it.

Folding Desk

In case you have no space to write your letters organize your bills, or do your accounts, and don’t want to fit in a huge desk in the living room, you will be able to create a folding desk on one of the walls. This, combined with a foldable chair will not permanently take away space from your apartment and living area, but will be the perfect temporary solution for days when you need to work on the computer or catch up on jobs at home.

Space Saving Dining Table and Chair

You might also have limited space for eating. If you don’t have a breakfast bar, not to mention a dining room, you could get creative. There are some great foldable compact dining tables that you can hang your chairs onto, and they don’t even take up more than half a square yard of space. Create comfortable cushions finding the perfect filling at Any Foam In case you have a busy life and spend little time at home, this will be the right solution for when your friends come over and need somewhere to sit while you are serving dinner or having a chat with them over a coffee.

Towel Rack

Tiny bathrooms are hard to tackle, as you will need to store away your towels and bathrobes while drying them. If you have limited air circulating in the bathroom, chances are that your home will suffer from dampness and mold. You don’t want your towels to stay damp and smell bad, so you need to create a towel rack that doesn’t take up too much space. You can fit one on the wall, right next to the bath or shower, so you can have everything drying and at hand. Your home will not only be more comfortable, but also more practical.

Makeup Wall Organizer

You might also be able to create a wall storage for all your makeup. If you are not blessed to have a full size dressing table in your home, chances are that you will need to use your wall space in a creative way. You can add masonic jars to your wall space, where you can hold your brushes and other items. There are various ways you can attach these items to your wall, next to your mirror. The easiest and simplest one is a “hard as nails” solution, which doesn’t require drilling or nailing, and is easy to use.

Adhesive Mirrors

In case you would like to make your home look bigger, consider mirror stickers on your kitchen and bathroom tiles. You can also buy mirror sheets that will stick to your wallpaper and your doors, and help you create the optical illusion that makes people think your apartment is bigger than it is. You can also open up the space and add more natural light to the living room and kitchen by installing glass bricks over the door.

Alcove Shelving

In case you can’t fit a full size shelf in your home, but have loads of items, memorabilia, and books, maybe CDs and LPs to store, you can use the alcove of your living room or a corner to maximise the storage space. You can use reclaimed materials, driftwood, or other items that will look great and add a great feature to your small apartment while making use of the seemingly useless space.


Some of us simply can’t afford a huge apartment with all the space we need for our things. If you are good at DIY, you can make the most out of your area and increase your comfort, live in a cleaner and tidier, more organised home without having to throw half of your things out. Use the above ideas to create your perfect small home.

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