Prevent Interior Design Disasters

When you are redesigning the interior of your home it is very easy to make mistakes if you do not plan it properly, and are not sure of the look you are trying to create. There are ways of going about this task that will reduce the risk of this happening.

Plan And Budget

Plan what you want to do and set a budget. Then look at the cost of the different aspects. Never estimate the costs because you could be way off, and then you may run out of money before your interior redesign is complete. The time spent doing this could save you a lot of effort and upset as the project progresses, and it is well worthwhile spending the time to do this.

Make Sure The Furniture Fits

Furniture that is too big for a room will dwarf its size and will be awkward to move around. Furniture that is too small will look lost. This is a mistake that often happens when you try to save money by using the furniture that fitted fine in another room, but it can be a disaster in your new room. Bite the bullet and buy items that are suitable for the size of space you are dealing with, the effect will be so much better for both the room and the furniture.

Pick Your Own Style

Fashions come and go very quickly. Forget about the latest trends and pick your own style. That will be satisfying for so much longer than a fashion statement that will be out of date in a few months.

It is your style that matters, not someone else’s. Listen to suggestions of course, but design the room how you want it to be and not as someone else’s dream.

Protect What You Are Keeping

There are some things in the room that you may not want to change, the flooring being a typical example or a fireplace. However, if your room is being painted, for example, you need to protect your floors and fixtures from the paint that tends to appear everywhere from brushes and rollers.

There are such products available as Florprotec T-Bord that can be used to protect floors and fixtures from being damaged when you are renovating a room, and these are well worth investing in. I mean, they’re cheaper than buying a new floor!

Watch The Colours

When you are choosing colours, do not just accept the first one you see. Look around in various places and at different times of day. It is even better if you can take samples home so that you can see them in daylight and under electric lighting so that you get the proper impression of how they will be.

If the room you are dealing with is small, avoid dark colours, as they will shrink its size. Paler shades will be better, with mirrors to reflect the light.

Look For Inspiration

These days, there is nothing you cannot find information about on the Internet at places like The Spruce. If you are thinking of trying something new or just want ideas, go online. You will find no end of suggestions and ideas as well as things to avoid when you are redesigning your room.

Take advantage of all of that information to ensure that you know what you’re doing and you do it well from the off!


Happy decorating!

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