Should You Build An Extension?

Want a bigger home, but don’t want to upsize? Building an extension could give you the extra space you need, whether it’s an extra bedroom or more space for storage. Extending your home isn’t likely to be straightforward and you may want to weigh up the pros and cons first. Here are just a few of the questions to ask yourself before building an extension on your home.

Can you afford it?

An extension can often cost thousands. This includes the materials, tools and labour. You should make sure that you can suitably afford this before making plans.
Most people can’t afford to build an extension outright and may take out a home improvement loan or remortgage their home. In such cases, you should consider the monthly repayments and interest rates so that you’re not going to be overextending your budget in the future.

Do you have planning permission?

Many extensions require planning permission. This is to ensure that your extension doesn’t negatively affect your neighbours or your local environment. Without seeking this permission, you could risk being ordered to remove your extension afterwards by your local planning committee.
You can find out whether your extension requires planning permission online.

Will it add value to your home?

An extra perk of adding an extension is that it can add value to your home – so if you plan to sell up in the near future, you could get more for your home.

For an extension to add value, it needs to be carried out professionally. It could be worth paying a professional architect to make architectural plans so that you know your extension is designed to a high quality. Hiring professional labourers will also ensure that it is built to a high quality.

If you’re looking to make a return, you may also want to consider adding specific features and using specific materials – this will help to keep the cost low, whilst adding more value.

Are there more economical ways to create space?

An extension may not be the only way to create more space in your home. There could be unused space in your home that you can convert for living purposes – for instance, you may be able to convert a loft into a bedroom or an understairs cupboard into a downstairs bathroom. This may not require planning permission and could be cheaper than extending.

There’s also the option of building an outbuilding. An extra building at the end of the garden such as a shed or office could be cheaper and more practical in some cases.

Alternatively, you may decide the moving home is the most economical thing to do. Upsizing to a home with an extra bedroom could cost less than extending in some cases. This could be particularly the case if you also move to a cheaper area.

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