Simple Ways to Make Your Home Safer

We all know to lock the doors of our home, shut our windows when we’re leaving the house, our doors, shut our windows, and check who is at the door before we open it. But are there any other things that we can do to make our homes a safer place to be? All homes will come with different benefits and challenges, such as a block of flats restricting access compared to a home out in the countryside. But there are plenty of things that we can do, wherever we live, so that we can eliminate the threat of burglary. Here are some tips to help.

Check Your Front Door

The main entrance and the exit to the home is through the front door. So if there are any potential weaknesses with your front door, it will become apparent to a would-be intruder. Ideally, the best kinds of front door to have are the ones that are solid hardwood or steel fronted. If you have one that has a lightweight hollow core, then that can be something that can be easily broken into. Intruders could also try to kick down a door, so to prevent that from happening, it can be a good idea to get a heavy-duty four-screw deadbolt strike plate, which is the metal where the deadbolt goes into the frame of the door.

Update Home Security Alarm

If you have a home security alarm, then you are off to a good start. You should check that it is still working and that all sensors are still intact. If you don’t have an alarm, then it is the first place that you should start, by looking up the best home security companies to choose one that is right for you. But not only that, it is important to announce that you have an alarm with a sign or any decals that will be there to deter any burglars.

Take Holiday Time Seriously

Going away on holiday is a time to relax and really enjoy yourself, but if you have the worry of how your home is when you’re away, then it can not mean the best holiday. Any potential damage can some from small signs that you are not home, such as mail or flyers piling up by your door or porch or the bins staying put, even on bin day. In these instances, it is really a good idea to ask a local friend or neighbour to move mail for you or put the bins back, so that it looks like someone is home. Be vigilant about posting photos on social media too, just in case someone out there follows your accounts and knows where you live.

Use Lights to Help

Lighting your home from the outside, especially using motion-sensor lights that come on when someone comes close to them, is a good idea; it can be really distracting and mean that they decide to give up. Motion sensor lights by the door is a good idea too, as well as indoors, or perhaps the ones that can be switched on remotely using a phone. Timer lights by windows are really cheap to get but can make a difference to looking like you are home.

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