Stylish Ways to Transform Your Bathroom Space

Fashions come and go in homes the same as they do in clothes and cars. Kitchen trends change often, and so do the way you should have your living room if you want to be seen to be modern. Bathrooms are another room where the trends can change, and some of the latest ones will transform your space.

Standalone Baths

Standalone baths have become increasingly popular over the last few years, and if you have the space in your bathroom one of these will help to make it look ultra modern. A bath such as this will be the focal point of any bathroom, and everything else is to compliment it.


Tiles come in all shapes and sizes and one that is very popular at the moment are called Moroccan tiles. These tend to be bright vibrant colours with geometric patterns. Gooddesign look really classy. A his and her basin, a double ended tub with the taps in the middle, and a cabinet each can be very practical as well as looking stylish. You can even have his and hers showers if you have the room, and these are things that will wow any visitors you have.

Mix And Match Materials

The bathroom is one room where it is very easy to mix and match materials and it will still look good. Marble, wood, glass, gold, brass, chrome and crystal will all go well together if used properly. For instance, a hand basin sitting on a wooden shelf or unit, with brass taps and crystal accessories will look as though you have spent a fortune, when in fact, that combination would not be too costly at all.

Soft Furnishings

Bathrooms do more than serve a function. They are a place to relax and with this shift in use has come a change in the way they are furnished. Now a comfy armchair in one corner perhaps should be part of the overall décor, and not look as though it has just been shoved there. Some modern lighting, recessed mirrors, and shelving can all contribute to making your bathroom more than a place to wash.

Black And White

No matter how long your bathroom has been black and white, it never goes out of fashion. The bathroom suite and accessories might become dated, but the colour scheme will always be a favourite. Black and dark grey floors with white tiles walls, and maybe one wall with black tiles will always look modern. To really keep it trendy, you will have black and white towels too as well as window dressings in the same two colours.

Are You Limited By Space?

If you have a smaller bathroom you might not have the space to do some of the things discussed above, but that does not mean your bathroom has to be old-fashioned at all. There are ways to make your smaller room look as good as any other.

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