The Do’s And Don’ts Of Living Room Interior Design

DO have a complementary colour scheme

Your living room is exactly what the name suggests. It is the one room in your house that you spend most of your time living in. This is your relaxation space at the end of a busy day. This is the place where you entertain your guests. This is a room that needs special attention, considering the needs of you and the people who inhabit it. This is the room that has a number of do’s and don’ts that we think are worth considering.

DO consider your colour scheme when planning your room's design

From wall paint to the furniture you buy, focus on colours that complement each other so you don’t end up with something that ruins your sense of feng-shui! But DON’T be afraid to experiment. Sometimes, it is worth taking risks, but consider using a room visualiser before you start to go to work on your living room for real.

DO size up the area of your living space before adding furniture

No matter the elegance and aesthetic charm of your Chesterfield sofa and antique tables, you do need room to move around your space. DON’T over clutter your space then. Too much of a good thing can be a bad thing; sometimes a minimalist look is more attractive than a room full of nice-looking objects, and you do need some focal pieces of interest that aren’t overwhelmed by other things.

DO think about where you place your seating

It should befit the needs you have for your living room, whether that’s a place for socialising or for relaxing. Your room is multipurpose, so DON’T fall for the usual trap of turning every seat towards the television that is sat in the corner.

DO add personal touches to your living room

Those items that are befitting of who you are. From family photos on the walls to shelves for your collectible items, give your room an identity that is symbolic of your backstory. DON’T copy what other people do, or always take inspiration from what you see in magazines and online decor sites. The ideas presented may be perfectly fine, but you still need to add a personal slant to ensure your home feels like your own.

DO add artwork to your living room

as it can bring a special sense of character to the room’s aesthetics. Whether it’s your work or somebody else’s, choose something that is pleasing to your eye. But DON’T hang your artwork up too high. You don’t want anybody craning their necks and causing themselves an injury when viewing it, so hang them at a position where they will be better appreciated.

DO decorate the living room according to how you want it

Despite our tips in this article, remember that this is your room, a space that needs to accommodate the purposes you intend to use it for. So, DON’t let anybody else tell you what to do if it goes against your tastes and impulses.

There is much to be said about living room interior design, and we have only scratched the surface. But continue your research online, taking note from the examples set by others. And let us know if you have any further advice for our readers, with do’s and don’ts that come from your decorating experience. Thanks for reading.

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