The Ultimate Guide To Achieving The Optimum Sale Price For Your Home

When you are planning on moving to pastures new, it can be easy to think that your home will sell without any problems. You have lovingly created a beautiful home, so why wouldn’t every potential viewer coming through your door want to purchase it there and then? Being objective when it comes to our humble abodes is nigh on impossible. However, to achieve the optimum sale price for your dwelling, you need to consider what your buyers want. It’s up to you to seduce them with a lifestyle and play on the positive aspects of your little patch of bricks and mortar.


Selling your home used to be a process of listing with an estate agent, waiting for an offer, paying the commission and then moving forward with the legal aspect of selling. Nowadays, there are a wealth of options such as selling with an online agent, or going it alone. Private sales are becoming more popular as people gawp at the commission percentage that many estate agents charge. By saving on commission you are maximising your sales price and the amount of profit left in your pocket.
Don’t forget that you will also need to find the services of a solicitor who specialises in property transactions. Alongside the sale of your home will be the purchase of your new one. Research conveyancing fees at The Advisory and try to balance the cost to you with the quality of service. Cheapest is hardly ever the best.

Dress Your Home

While it may seem superficial, to squeeze that extra few pounds out of your buyer and make them desperately want your house, you need to lure them into a sale. Dress your home effectively by setting the dining table, putting some bread in the oven to bake to create a homely aroma, decluttering and having a clean, humble abode. Your potential buyers need to see themselves living in your pad, so you need to help them do this. When their hearts are overtaking their heads in the decision making, then you know you have a potential sale on your hands.

Curb Appeal

It’s not simply the interior of your home that might need an overhaul. The curb appeal of your pad is hugely important especially for any visitors to your home. Overgrown weeds, cracked brickwork and rubbish strewn over a lawn or driveway can create a negative impression. You want your home to exude brightness and positivity. Whip out the weed killer, clean your driveway, whip out some potted plants and create a welcoming entrance to your home. It might be a good idea to clean the windows, scrub the fascias and keep your front garden well coiffed ready for potential viewers.

A house will only ever sell for the price that someone is willing to pay for it. Go in too high, and you could be forking out on needless mortgage repayments. Strike a balance and list for an achievable amount. By following this guide, you should be able to sell quickly and for the optimum price.

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