Up And Up: Vertical Interior Design For Tall Walls

Not every home is built in the same fashion. Due to multiple construction companies building homes all around the nation at the order of the government, you get different designs. Some homes may have slightly shorter walls but more horizontal space i.e. larger room. Others might get the opposite whereby the walls are tall and the ceiling is much further away from the top of your head. This kind of style mimics a penthouse with its abnormally rectangle design. Suddenly what could work in a normal home, looks odd and out of place. Well it should, the walls have been stretched so now you need a vertical design to compensate. Without question, the majority of the decor world is not suited for tall walls. Long? Sure. But any room.


Climbing art

Tall walls are going to make themselves look barer than normal walls do. It can seem like a giant wall of blandness and emptiness. Be glad in a way because now you get to be very open with the artworks you put on them. A portrait painting may do for other homes but a tall wall needs an avant-garde experimental masterpiece to donn it. Sectional or mosaic styles of art would do wonderfully. They climb up the wall, piece by piece. Each new layer that connects is another piece of the puzzle and can have its own mood. If not on the wall, hang art from the ceiling right next to the wall instead. Again it can be a charming climbing or descending style with a sense of freedom and grandiose pleasure.

[message type=”normal”]The vertical interior design is one of the most difficult to get right. You’re essentially chasing and climbing to try and make normal features look like they belong. A vertical radiator is a bridge from the low to the high. Art can use your tall wall as a canvass and deplete the feeling of looking dull and bare.[/message]

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